Payment Options

Our Payment Plan by Direct Debit really makes it easy.

Our payment plan is a convenient and flexible way to budget for your heating bills. There are no charges and the plan allows you to defer payment on 50% of the value of your fuel order. You are eligible to join our payment plan after full payment of your first fuel order.

You can leave the payment plan at any time and close the account, subject to clearing any outstanding balance.

There are no strings attached with our payment plan, so if you’re looking for an easy way to pay your heating oil bills, then call us on 0800 224 224 to get started

For more information, or to begin a plan, please see our Payment Plan Form

Here’s how it works

Our payment plan. One of our friendly team will help you estimate your annual heating oil bill. Customers will pay by direct debit and you have two monthly collection dates to choose from. You can order heating oil at any time. However, there must be sufficient funds in your account to cover at least half the value of your order. You can make a top-up payment to bring your balance up to the required level.

We will send you a quarterly statement and review your payment regularly. This is so you to adjust payment if required or obtain a refund if your balance becomes too high.

For more information on direct debits and how they work, see the following link: Direct Debits

Click here to find out more about our top up scheme and how it could benefit you!

Our payment plan is the convenient and flexible way to budget for your heating bills