Fuel Cards

Committed to delivering the best value fuel card solution for your business

At the core of Highland Fuels is the desire to bring our clients the most reliable, cost effective, fuel solution.  The Highland fuel card offers businesses a nationwide, easily accessible refuelling network that delivers reduced fuel costs, reduced administration time, reduced fraud risks, and assistance in optimising vehicle and driver performance. Our fuel cards are issued free to qualifying businesses, so you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain in applying for a Highland fuel card today.

Best value – reduced fuel costs with our wholesale fuel rates

The Highland fuel card offers wholesale or pump related prices. Our wholesale supply platform enables us to deliver consistent, reliable prices affording our clients substantial savings on the average retail pump price, and other fuel card offers.

Best value- saving you time on VAT claims and HMRC compliance

The Highland fuel card aggregates all the fuel and goods purchased across your fleet and presents them in one VAT approved itemised invoice for HMRC. No more wasted time on receipt handling.

Best value – quick and efficient refuelling at 1000’s of retail forecourts

The Highland fuel card offers clients access to refuel at 1000’s of conveniently located retail forecourts nationwide, including selective Esso, Shell, BP, Texaco, Murco, Harvest, Gulf, as well as Tesco, Morrisons, and Sainsbury’s. With an extensive network, and an easy-to-use site finder app for your sat nav or smart phone, you will always be able to find a retail site easily when you need one.

The Highland fuel card provides you with itemised transaction reports that can be used for in depth analysis of your fleet’s fuel usage, showing efficiency gains through assessment of buying patterns, as well as links with telematic reporting to help improve fuel economy.

Best value – increased security protecting you against fraud

The Highland fuel card offers you visibility of all your fleet’s fuel transactions in one easy place helping protect your business from false expense claims. In addition, you can apply restrictions on spending limits, products that can be purchased, as well as times and days the cards can be used, offering further protection against fraud on one, or all cards being used.

Best value – improving vehicle efficiencies with fuel transaction reports 

If you are considering using a fuel card for your business, or want to review your current fuel card arrangements to ensure you are getting the best value possible, please give us a call and we would be happy to assist on 01463 217317 or email cardservices@highlandfuels.co.uk.