Kerosene Extra

Highland Fuels are proud to present our newest product, Kerosene Extra! Our new premium formula promises to;

Increase boiler efficiency and performance: Kerosene Extra burns cleaner, vastly reducing carbon buildup inside your boiler. When you use standard kerosene, the residue from burning oil can block the working parts of your system, meaning that heating your system requires more fuel. This product eliminates that build up and helps to keep your boiler running cleaner and more efficiently.

Improve the quality of your oil: Our premium variety of Kerosene is specially calibrated to target microscopic particles that form in your tank. These particles can collect to create larger clusters which, if passed into your boiler, can damage your heating system. Kerosene extra not only prevents these particle buildups but destroys any deposits that are already lying in your tank.

Increase the life expectancy of your system: As your system passes kerosene oil through its pipework, the oil can react with certain materials, causing corrosion and decay over time. Our Kerosene Extra has been shown to prevent this process, thus extending the length of time that you system will remain operational.

Reduce your carbon footprint: The special characteristics of Kerosene Extra means that when it is burned, the CO2 produced is significantly lower than its standard kerosene counterpart. This means Kerosene extra is not only better for your fuel economy and heating system, but it is better for the environment.



Ask our sales team to quote you for the new, improved Kerosene Extra and start feeling the benefits today!*

*Currently only available in the Inverness Area