Scotland-wide marine fuel when and where you need it


Source your marine gas oil (MGO) from an independent supplier with 60+ years’ experience

We supply UK-sourced marine gas oil (MGO) for all types of vessels, from pleasure craft and fishing boats to ferries, oil rigs and supply vessels throughout Scotland.

We offer fast ex-pipe delivery from our fuel bunkers in Montrose (east coast), Lerwick (Shetland), Scapa (Orkney) and Ullapool (west coast), and truck deliveries to seaports, inland ports and canals across Scotland. We also have a range of Mobil marine lubricants in stock in Ullapool.

Our friendly team is here to help

At Highland Fuels, we’re known for our down-to-earth and friendly service - it’s really important to us. So as well as buying from a hugely experienced sales team and getting access to competitive pricing, you’ll be well looked after if you choose us to supply your MGO.

We know how costly delays can be in the marine industry, so we’ll work with you to be there when you dock - and if we can brighten your day in the process with some friendly conversation, then all the better.