Oil Buying Groups

Community Based, Heating Oil Buying Groups

Buy Together, Save Together!

Fuel Buying Groups allow you to save money on fuel by combining orders from members of your community, such as neighbours and businesses. You’ll benefit from a reduction in price due to larger orders being more cost-effective for the fuel provider to deliver.

Managing an oil buying group

Highland Fuels will manage the group free as part of the service. Simply get in touch – we will do the work while you benefit from the savings. It’s that simple.

Our buying group coordinator's at Highland Fuels will run the group in your local community. Once the group has been set up, our coordinator makes ordering hassle-free by getting in touch prior to the group order, dealing directly with each member of the group.

What are the benefits?

  • All members of the group enjoy the same price reduction (min delivery applies)
  • Group buying allows us to optimise our delivery routes minimising mileage, that contributes to cleaner air quality for our communities.
  • Less chance of running out of oil as we have regular prearranged delivery times.
  • In a remote area, planning around winter conditions and weather.
  • Free service for your community courtesy of Highland Fuels.

Paying for Heating Oil

If you are a new customer, we require prepayment by credit or debit card prior to delivery for your first order.

Interest Free Payment Plan

Highland Fuels provides an interest-free payment plan that divides the expense of fuel across the year into simple monthly direct debit payments. There are no fees, and you can leave at any moment; it’s a straightforward and adaptable approach to budget for your heating bills. Contact our friendly team, who will help you estimate your annual heating oil bill.

Pay as you go

This option is more straight forward: simply order your fuel from us, we’ll give you a bill, and you can pay over the phone with a credit or debit card.

Pay in 3, Interest Free

Divide your fuel payments into three interest free monthly instalments. The first payment is made at the time of purchase, with the subsequent two payments made automatically.

Please note that none of our payment plans have additional fees, admin charges or hidden costs just straight forward, honest per litre pricing.

Contact our Buying Group Co-ordinator for more information

Call 0800 224 224

email sales@highlandfuels.co.uk