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Provide the community surrounding your petrol station with a trusted retail brand

At Highland Fuels, we understand both sides of the coin. As well as being a leading independent supplier of commercial fuel to petrol stations across Scotland and the north of England, we also own and operate our own filling stations. It’s this level of experience that helps us to enjoy long-term relationships with our retail customers.

By joining the Highland Fuels network, you’d be gaining access to a supportive chain of petrol stations around the UK.

We can offer a choice of two branded solutions: the Highland Fuels brand is perfectly suited to smaller volume sites; and as their approved partner, we can also offer the JET brand for larger sites where competition may be higher.

What’s most important, however, is that no matter your choice, you’d have our very experienced team on hand to support you and help you grow your business.

Quality fuel, lubricants and AdBlue additive delivered when you need them

We supply diesel (DERV), unleaded petrol and super unleaded petrol plus lubricants and fuel additives when you need them, and offer flexibility around delivery times to suit your business.

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