Ways To Pay

Choose to spread your costs over the year or pay per delivery

By monthly Direct Debit

Spread your costs

Do you hate getting bills that don’t fit neatly within your weekly or monthly budget? Paying for your fuel monthly is a great way to spread your heating costs over the year. There are no charges and you can leave any time: it’s simply a convenient and flexible way to budget for your heating bills.

You can start paying by Direct Debit on what we call our ‘payment plan’ after full payment of your first fuel order.

How our monthly payment plan works

Contact our friendly team, who will help you estimate your annual heating oil bill. This is then divided by 12 to create your monthly payment amount, and you have two collection dates to choose from in the month.

You can order heating oil at any time; you just need sufficient funds in your account to cover at least half the value of your order. If you’re not quite there, it’s no problem - you can simply make a top-up payment to bring your balance up to the required level.

We will send you a quarterly statement and review your payment regularly. We can adjust your monthly payment if required or give you a refund if your balance becomes too high.

Pay As You Go

Sometimes the old ways are the best! This one is straightforward: simply order your fuel from us, we’ll send you the bill, and you can pay for it over the phone by credit or debit card.