Ways to Buy

A range of home fuel buying options to suit you and your lifestyle

Never run out of fuel again with our free top up scheme

We know that when life gets busy, remembering to check the level of heating oil in your tank can be one of those jobs that you never seem to get around to. If this sounds familiar - or you simply like the sound of leaving your heating fuel deliveries up to us - our free top up scheme is for you.

It’s a simple system where we use our experience, customer buying trends and weather forecasting to manage your kerosene deliveries. We contact you prior to delivery to make sure you’re ready to receive your fuel, place the order on your behalf and within a few days, your tank is filled up.

Eligibility for our top up scheme

You can join our top up scheme after full payment of your first order. We’ll send you an invoice once the top up order has been placed, and payment is due within 15 days.

The top up scheme is only available in certain regions - contact us to check if you can apply.

Keep on top of your heating oil level the easy way with tank telemetry

If you prefer to keep control of your oil tank level and kerosene orders yourself, why not save yourself the hassle of remembering to do regular manual checks?

We supply tank telemetry which helps you manage your own heating oil level and place an order before it becomes too low. Compatible with all tanks, our handy telemetry devices monitor the oil level in your tank and update an electronic gauge kept in your home or your office.

The gauges have a range of 100 metres, update hourly and their batteries last up to five years. They’re extremely easy to install - it’s a no-brainer if you want to save time in a busy schedule. They even come with warning lights to alert you when your oil is running low so you never risk running out - simply contact us to arrange your next delivery.

Ways to Buy

Save by ordering with your neighbours in a local buying group

When you buy heating oil from Highland Fuels, our transport and delivery costs are included in the total price. If we’re able to group deliveries to your local area together, we can reduce our administrative, fuel and transportation costs - and we’re more than happy to pass these savings onto our customers.

By creating a community buying group, you’ll benefit from a reduction in the quoted price per litre. All the members of the group enjoy the same price reduction, no matter the individual volume ordered, so it allows you to look after all members of your fuel-buying community.

Local buying groups are good for you, your community and the environment

An oil buying group of five houses has the potential to reduce the number of tankers in the areas from five to one. If each member takes three deliveries a year, this could reduce the tankers from fifteen to three.

It’s win-win: safer for the community and better for the environment!