New Black Isle Heating Oil Buying Group Opens

Buy Together, Save Together on the Black Isle

Save money on heating fuel with your community! A new buying group for off-grid homes has started on the Black Isle so residents can enjoy discounted prices on high-quality heating fuel.

On Wednesday 28th of February, Highland Fuels are held a successful Information evening for anyone interested in joining or setting up an Oil Buying Group in their local community. As a result, NEW groups covering #Avoch #Fortrose #Rosemarkie #Cromarty #Munlochy & #Culbokie have opened and have started scduling deliveries at discounted prices to homes in these areas.

As well as group discounts, Highland fuels are also offering numerous payment plans and FREE tank inspections to group members that would like one.

What's an Oil Buying Group?

Oil Buying Groups are essentially groups of people in a specific area who come together to purchase fuel in bulk, usually heating oil, diesel, or kerosene.

Advantages of Joining a Buying Group?

* A set price for everyone, saving transportation costs for us so we can pass them onto you the consumer.

* Less chance of you running out of fuel, as we will telephone or email you with a reminder to check your tank.

* Being in a remote area, we will help with planning deliveries around winter conditions and weather.

*Servicing your community regularly at pre-arranged times.

*We will organise and administer the group and advise delivery times, all you will need to do is check your tank, a free service for you and your community!!

*Interest Free Payment Plans are available with a £20 discount for joining.

Want to know more about Buying Groups and how they can benefit you and your community? Call the team FREE on 0800 224 224, email us on or register your interest at Buying Group Enquiry | Highland Fuels

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