Don't wait to order your oil this winter

On the 19th of September, the UK Government announced support for UK households and businesses as energy costs rise. For heating oil customers, this will be a £100 fixed payment.

UKIFDA, the trade body for the liquid fuel industry has met with the government to discuss how this will be administered to customers. Following that meeting, they are urging customers not to delay ordering as we head towards the winter.

"Given the highly competitive nature of the heating oil market, customers have the ability to purchase from a number of different distributors and outlets. Consequently, they are likely to hold multiple accounts, which makes the fixed payment distribution challenging to deliver without duplication.

Inevitably this will take some time, so we strongly recommend that customers do not wait if they need heating oil. We are working closely with the government to find a solution and ensure that heating oil households receive their £100 as soon as possible."

We will keep you updated as we get information from UKIFDA and the government.