HVO : Highland Fuels is Driving Change on the Isle of Orkney!

At Highland Fuels, we're committed to leading the industry towards a sustainable future. That's why we're thrilled to announce that we've converted our entire delivery fleet on #Orkney to run on Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (#HVO)!

This ground-breaking move makes Highland Fuels the first fuel supplier on the island (& possibly across Scotland) to adopt HVO, a significantly cleaner alternative to traditional diesel. HVO reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% compared to fossil fuels, making a real difference in protecting our environment.

We believe that actions speak louder than words. By transitioning our own fleet, we're demonstrating our unwavering commitment to #sustainability and setting a clear example for others in the industry.

But that's not all! We're also members of the Renewable Fuel Declaration Scheme (#RFD), which allows us to provide our customers with certified evidence of the HVO's authenticity and #environmental benefits.

When you choose Highland Fuels, you're not just getting high-quality fuel – you're partnering with a company that's dedicated to making a positive impact.

If you want to know more, have questions on HVO for your business, then call our friendly team FREE on 0800 224 224 and ask about making a real difference with Highland Fuels.

HVO Powered Deliveries on Orkney
HVO Powered Deliveries on Orkney

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