New Product Release: ISCC Certified Green Renewable Marine Gas Oil (RMGO)

Green Marine Diesel (RMGO) is now available to order from Highland Fuels

At Highland Fuels, we're committed to leading the industry towards a sustainable future. Thats why we're delighted to announce that the #RMGO Green Marine Diesel product is now available to order. ISCC EU Certified RGMO adds to our growing portfolio of green energy fuels that demonstrates our ongoing comitment to #sustainability and the #enviroment.

Renewable Marine Gas Oil (RMGO) is produced to meet ISO 8217:2017 has been developed as a direct drop-in replacement for traditional Marine Gas Oil (MGO) with environmental benefits. The fuel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 80-90% and comes along with an ISCC proof of sustainability.

Key Features

  • ISO 8217:2017 Compliance: RMGO adheres to ISO 8217:2017 standards, ensuring consistent quality and performance.
  • Renewable sourcing: Derived from sustainable feedstocks.
  • High Greenhouse Gas Savings: greenhouse gas emissions slashed by 80-90% compared to conventional MGO.
  • Drop-in Replacement: Engineered to seamlessly replace MGO in marine applications without necessitating modifications to existing infrastructure or equipment.


  • Environmental Sustainability: RMGO represents a crucial step towards achieving carbon neutrality in the maritime sector, aligning with international efforts to mitigate climate change. Tracked via ISCC along the way.
  • Regulatory Compliance: By meeting ISO 8217:2017 standards and offering low sulphur content, RMGO ensures compliance with prevailing maritime regulations, including IMO's sulphur emission limits.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Adoption of RMGO underscores a commitment to environmental stewardship, enhancing corporate reputation and brand value among environmentally conscious stakeholders.
  • Compatibility: As a drop-in replacement for MGO, RMGO offers a seamless transition, eliminating the need for costly engine modifications.

RMGO offers a sustainable solution for the maritime industry, with its ISO compliance, greenhouse gas savings, and seamless integration as a drop-in replacement for MGO, making it a transformative option for a greener future.

If you want to know more, have questions on RMGO for your Marine business, then call our friendly team FREE on 0800 224 224 and ask about making a real difference with Highland Fuels.

ISCC EU Certified