Need some help balancing the bills?

As we see the cost of living increasing, you may be looking for ways to help manage your bills better. Here at Highland Fuels, we understand how challenging it can be to keep up, so we have a range of payment methods and advice to help you with your energy costs.

Spread the cost with our payment plan

If the thought of paying for your heating oil in one go is a bit daunting just now, why not join our interest free payment plan. The plan allows you to pay monthly for your heating oil, with two collection dates available to suit you. You can order oil at any point in the year, we just ask that your account has enough credit to cover 50% of the delivery. The plan is free to join and we'll even give you a £10 credit onto your account for signing up.

Order a larger volume to reduce annual costs

When costs go up for our customers, they increase for us too. By reducing the number of orders on our trucks but increasing the volume of oil delivered, we reduce our trucking costs, and we pass that saving directly onto our customers. If you can order 900 litres or more, you benefit from additional discounts on your kerosene, so taking two 1,000L orders rather than four 500L orders each year will save you money. By joining our payment plan and building up a credit on your account, it will make it easier to order larger volumes less frequently and take advantage of the savings.

Dip your tank and order in good time

It's good practice to monitor the oil level in your tank, particularly in the winter months when your usage might increase. If you don't have a tank telemetry advice, a good old fashioned broom handle will do the job. We have a quick guide on how to dip and monitor your tank to help keep you right. By ordering in good time, you avoid delays at busy times and understanding your consumption rates will help you manage costs.

Join our top-up scheme and we'll manage it all for you

If you're unable to dip your tank or life just gets in the way of keeping an eye on your oil tank sometimes, why not join our top-up scheme. We monitor your oil consumption here and automatically top your tank up to full when it needs. Combine that with our payment plan and you won't need to worry about your oil at all.

If you're struggling with juggling all the bills as we go into the winter, please don't struggle alone. Our team are here to help, and we have lots of options to help you. Give us a call on 0800 224 224 to ask about any of the areas above or to discuss our additional payment plan options. UKIFDA have also provided some useful links.