What is hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO)?

Find out more about whether HVO is for you

HVO or hydrotreated vegetable oil is a renewable liquid fuel suitable for use as a drop-in replacement for diesel. It is manufactured from sustainable waste fats and vegetable oils.

HVO can achieve a 90% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions compared to regular diesel and is better for the environment than biodiesel. It also reduced particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions, which helps improve air quality.

If you have renewable targets in your business, HVO could help you achieve them quickly and with no change to your operations.

HVO is a paraffinic fuel which meets EN 15940 standards. It can be used as a direct replacement for diesel across a wide range of applications, with no equipment modifications required.

The product has excellent cold weather performance compared with regular diesel, so is ideal for our changeable climate. It also has a higher flashpoint so is safer to store and handle than regular diesel.

HVO is currently being used in haulage and transport, construction, marine and industrial settings. Highland Fuels store and distribute HVO around the UK to a wide range of customers.

We are also taking part in a UK wide trial of HVO as a drop-in replacement for kerosene in home heating systems. Previous trials have proved very successful with only a small modification required to your home boiler to accommodate the new product. The cost of changing to HVO in your home is approximately £500 compared with the significant investment of up to £30,000 to convert to a heat pump.

If you are looking to operate your business in a greener way and meet environmental targets, HVO could play a part in that. Take a look at our product page for more information or give one of the commercial team a call.

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